Hi ......every body I am Bach , I come from VietNam , I am 21 year old , I am student in China of Education . Now , I'm studying chinese , my english very bad .... hihiEmotion: embarrassed .
This is my photo everybody look .........[H] In my website : (personal contact removed by a moderator.Please add it in your profile only.) have my friend and me

This is me :
(missing image) Emotion: embarrassed
nice pic.
but which one is you?
where did you take it?
hello my name is orhions my email can i know you better.
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nice to see you Bach. I'm from china, 21years old.I think chinese history and culture is really attractive to people all over the world, and here are many places of interest. wish you enjoy your study in china.
I can't see the pic. What a pity...
I'm a Chinese, if you want some help for improving your Chinese, maybe I can help you.
Nice pic man.
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Nice one Emotion: smile
But you seem the only angel in the photoEmotion: smile