Hi, Im Nessia,female 18 and I am asked to write a letter of motivation/personal goals to I.H.S international hotel school. This is actually my first time writing, and i am not good at it, i have a fear that i might not do well enough .. I need this as soon as possible. thank you soo much everyone to whom it may concern dat wud check this out.. Would anyone be kind enough to help me out to save me. contact me on (removed by mod)I was thinking on starting with: Dear Sir/Madame, My name is Nessia. Im from ----, I live in ----- and Im here writing to you because my Motivations for I.H.S is purely from my heart. I want to study hotel managment because I had always have a big dream for hotels ever since i was in secondary school. Hotel management is all about caring, I care for the people and give quality services for them to feel wellcomed in all different parts of the country. Setting a high standard in the field. I would make my future hotel that I would be workin in be a better place than other hotels where people will lurge more, With decency and pride. I picked South africa because she is a beautiful country especially in Cape town with the beautiful mountains and ocean, cozzy weather and a confortable area for me to studya nd achieve what I wanna achieve. This had always been my dream. Yours' Faithfully, ------------------- (so wutchu tink? ugly hu? so not perfect, i was never really good at letter writing, i was only avergae on it, and its been a while since ive actualy written one men..gosh i feel like im gonna faint..) please help me, cuz i need this by tomorrow if possible.please do help me. HUGS: Nessia
There are lots of motivation letters here on the forum and a thread just giving advice on these. Take a look for some idea about how to structure one of these letters.

This is far too informal and short.
hey..I also need to write a motivation letter to a hotel management university, you can check out mine and then we can discuss it and make it better for both of us! What say? Reply whenever you can, thank you! Emotion: smile