I am doing a research. I was wondering whether you've ever used any kind of online writing services? What is your point and attitude towards it? What do force students to order it online? Have you ever used {X or Y Names removed by moderator. EF endorses no such services} service? And why do you think that reviews are the good proof of their reliance?
I'm waiting for your responses.
No. Using these services for scholastic purposes is a form of plagiarism. It is not only cheating, but a disservice to the client who succumbs to corruption. Like doping in sports, it is extremely unfair to their competition. In reality, it is worse than doping because at least an athlete on performance-enhancing drugs is actually performing the sport with his own body and mind.
Students who use this service and claim that they are the original author should be expelled from class and be disqualified from all their scholarships.
Posters who advertise such services on English Forums will be banned if they persist in posting about them.

Ghost writing is an acceptable practice for autobiographical books. The real author is fully revealed and described in the acknowledgements section of the text.
I second AlpheccaStars' comments. Let me add one of my own. EnglishForward moderators routinely check links to make sure they are appropriate for this forum. As a result of this I've visited several such websites, and I've noticed that most of them have obvious errors in the website text. If they can't find someone capable of writing good English for their website, I doubt they produce quality essays for their customers. If you use these services you are cheating yourself out of the knowledge and skills you should be gaining from your education, and you are paying a crook to help you do it.