hi friends ! : )
i'm suyoung , from korea
would you check my writing ?
I hav two questions : ) !! ??

1. I take a english lesson monday. wednesday, friday.
( how can I say monday. wednesday, friday ?
is there better expression ? can i make this sentence shorter and simple ?
only can i say "3times per week? "

(for example as you know. Thanks God it's friday is (= T.G.I.F)
"I like people who wear bright color and hav their specific style
it make me smilie. and feeling good.
thesedays. hip-hop style catch my eyes!

oh. please take me out from the boring suit style!
(actually idon't like suit. formal style)

i have a english website and you can leave a message : )
category "blah-blah-blah-"

address : http://senini.cafe24.com
Don't forget the last letter of "have". Names of languages and days of the week are capitalized: English, Monday, and so on. Also be careful to add "s" when needed. Emotion: smile

I take English lessons three times a week.

I like people who wear bright colors and have their own style.
It makes me smile, and it makes me feel good.
Lately, the hip-hop style has caught my eye.

Please get me out of this boring style! These suits are too formal for me!
thanks for your tip
and i find a good english verbs
A problem is your chance to do your best !