hello,my name is uygar ,living in turkey firt of all i want to thank you for creating a site like this ....this is great site which gives good advice for english learners...i have one question my question is I learned eglish by myself and i have been working in tourism business since 7 years but I cant still say I have good english I want to have an english course which is about tourism ...please can you send me information about tourism school in Australia or somewhere else?I have searched it on the google but I could not...if you help me i will be glad..thank you so much for spending your time for that ...from Turkey uygar
Anything you are looking for can be found in the internet. Typing tourism school in Australia in search engines will do just fineEmotion: smile
thank you very much for helping but I could not find...I may be wrong but i have tried it a thousands times but it did not work maybe I should better change searching machine ,I am searching it on yahoo but anyway thank you so much wasting of your time for that
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G'day Caqdas,
You can find the Australian Tourism Commission here [url="http://www.australia.com /"]Australian Tourism Commission[/url]
There are many many English schools for foreigners in Australia. I highly recommend the TAFE schools which are Government run. Also look here [url="http://www.elicos.edu.au/home.html/"]English Australia[/url] and here [url="http://www.gotoed.com/school/nsitelc/"]Another English info page[/url]
hi mike,
thank you so much for sending me them ,yeah as you say that there are many many english schools for foreigners in Australia ...I really enjoyed the sites you have sent for me now i have enough information for application ...a lot of love from Turkey
It's my pleasure Cagdas. I hope you will enjoy my country, no-one is a foreigner in Australia!!!
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Good luck!
I'm an Aussie too! Enjoy! Everyone is a foreigner in Australia!!!
Good one!!!