I can't remember the name of the song but the chorus is some gal singing, and she starts of sayin so good, fe-fe-feels feels so good, feels so goood.....and her voice is kinda high pitched, well, yeah weird but sweet soundin u know?

Anyways, any help would be great....i think it was on a pure garage cd but i dunno which one, none of the track names look familiar when i checked em out on amazon.

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hey m8, i was lookin for dat song aswell, n jus managed to find it! ok, the songs name is "sometimes it snows in april" and its by amar! search for sometimes it snows in april, if you hav a p2p programme like ares or limewire or shareaza n itll deffinatly find it!

good luck m8!

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Artists: Ms Dynamite feat Shola Ama. Track title; feels so good. 
sometimes in rains in april - amar
Now then, pure garage 1 is the album u want m8, dont no the name off top of my head, jus no its that album cos i haveit, hope that helped. !!!!!!
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Hi, i love that song, its one of my favs.
its called:
Sometimes it snows in april.
this is the youtube url:

heyyyy im lookin for a garage song which lyrics go:-

Baby lay back i wanna take my time on you tonight, candles burn bright let them set the mood, should of stuck around a while, i love it when i hear you call
your bodys asking for it more. obsessions...
i love it when we're touching and we're teasing, i feel your body shiver as i ease it, you know i love it when we're all alone....

its sung by a girl and is reli catchy Emotion: smile

i hope some one knows what it is.. will be much appreciated...


hey this song is sung by a bloke, it's called obsessions, but i have no idea who sings it. sorry
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