Hello. I am in need of a recording for my phonetics project. I need someone who will be willing to record few sentences for me so i could analyze them and use in my project. It will be great if you are not a native speaker and don't have an ideal pronounciation. I will be very grateful for any help. Thanks in advance. Here is the text:

Between language lessons, grammar book, conversation practice, and exercises, learning a new language can be a long, challenging process.
To help you in your language-learning journey, we scoured the internet and consulted with language experts to compile the ultimate list of language-learning hacks.
1. Choose a Word of the Day
Use a few new vocabulary words on daily basis. This is much less overwhelming than trying to memorize several different words all at once.
Incorporate vocabulary into your daily routine, this will help you commit these words to memory and learn to use them in real-life situations.
2. Connect With Friends and Language Partners
Textbooks and grammar workbooks are only one small element of learning a language. You're not actually fluent and/or functional until you can use your new language in conversation.
The best way to do this is to practice with native speakers.
Not sure where to find people who speak your language of choice? Search for language partners online, or find language events and Meetup groups in your area.

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Hello Kamil K

I could record this for you in my studio (I do voiceover work). However, you say that you would prefer a non-native speaker. If you have no luck and would like me to record it, please let me know.