I'm a french 32 years old IT executive (nobody's perfect) living near the Eiffel tower, the UN facilities and the american university. Anyway, don't worry, I'm not a nerd, I don't sleep with my PC and my job is not all my life.

Basically I'm looking for native english speaking people to chat and get out in Paris or in London or travel abroad. Actually, I'd like to share my passions, points of view and leisure time with you in a funny and pleasant way.

Frankly, my listening comprehension is quite good but I still need to improve my speaking skill (I find it very hard to express properly my feelings in a foreign language). Just be a little patient, I'm a fast learner.

By the way, I'm not scared to leave Paris and live abroad for a while or for ever.

See you soon ...
Hi! Welcome here!

I'm not English at all but if u're interested, we can practice our talking, it's also important to know different ways of speaking this beautiful language!

Anyway, u'll feel good here, there are so many many people ready to help U!

Hi! Glad to meet you! I'm not a native speaker but we can practise our English together if you want, by mail or chat. Both my Yahoo and MSN ID is: babytammybaby.