uh....are you allowed to end an introduction with a question? and then answer this question in the conclusion?

such as :

So if books aren't the ultimate source of knowledge then what is the ultimate source of knowledge?

(the exam question is "Discus 'books are the ultimate source of knowledge'")

and answer the question in the conclustion :

as it has been discussed above human beings themselves are the ultimate source of knowledge

Please give me a quick answer
I wouldn't advise it, but then I'm maybe old-fashioned... In an introduction you explain what you're going to show/prove and how you intend to do it, and in the conclusion you sum up your arguments and point out what you've proven. But wait till you get other ideas...
The question for the end of the introduction is really a conclusion saying that you don't believe that books are the ultimate source of knowledge. Too soon to bring this in...it needs to be debated in your essay first.