hi, I am really desiring to change my accent.. I have an American accent mostly, and I really want to change it into British accent. I know there are many accents in UK as well.. interestingly Scotish accent sound the most attractive to me!! so I am asking of all of you generous teachers for a piece of information if there is any available textbook that I can learn the scotish or just an England accent effectively. Or if anyone can volunteer to help me out in this, that will be so nice of you, for that God will bless you!!( : ) (of course I will make the phone calls, and if you want then also I can pay for the time at least a bit.. ; )

hoping your kind answers~

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Hi Anon,

How about contacting a voice coach in your area? Also, are you sure you'd like to learn a Scottish accent? URP is just as nice...

yes I do, Prefer Scotish accent but other UK(british) accent is fine as well.

It is very difficult to find any British voice trainer in Korea. recently I ordered a book from Amazon to obtain a British accent, but I am hoping if I can find some more efficient help from this site!
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what is URP by the way?

it is difficult here to find voice trainer in South Korea~