An increasing number of people are changing their careers. What are the reasons? Do you think it is positive or negative?

In the modern era, moving from one career to another has been considered is relatively commonplace. The driving force behind this trend often rests with the manager’s responsibility, as well as the desire to look for career advancement. From my perspective, while changing jobs is justified to progress rapidly in their career, one should also consider the lack of job security when aiming to quit the current jobs.

There are a host of reasons as to why people usually leave for another opportunity. Firstly, many people leave managers, not companies, which means that high turnover rates are often attributable to inappropriate leadership. Although executive officers are well-acknowledged for being tactful and diplomatic, it seems that many corporations might make fatal mistakes by promoting the wrong people who resort to yelling and screaming at the employees they are supposed to guide and coach with managerial positions. As a result, workers may not get along with bosses and quit the job. Moreover, some voluntarily leave their current careers for further advancement, as employers tend to feel a sense of usefulness, self-confidence, and accomplishments when allowed to put their skills and abilities into practical use in the workplace. That said, without being recognized and well-compensated, one would leave change jobs for the better.

It is true that to an extent, job changing might be a welcome change. Proponents of this often claim that moving careers is integral, especially for young employees, since they could get access to multiple working environments before landing on a permanent one. Job hopping also acts as a precursor to improvements in skills and contributes to relationship building. However, a changing job history may correlate with income instability. As a result, one might end up sacrificing job security, which negatively impacts a family’s finance if the job hopper is the primary income source.

In sum, the proliferation of job changing is due to unwise leadership, and the lack of future opportunities. To my mind, career movements might create an exciting prospect for the young, but a fixed job is more appropriate when aiming for a financially stable life.

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