Hi, what is “la” after the numbers

For example: 199la, pp.444-45


There is a scanning error. It should be 1991a, pp. 444-45

1991a refers to an entry in the index of authors at the end of the main text.

If there are multiple references for 1991, they will be labeled 1991a, 1991b, 1991c...

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Please post the entire citation and what it is from, and make sure every single detail is right. It matters.

I suspect that you misread "1991a" as "199la". A year and letter, in combination with an author's name, are used like that in some forms of inline citation to distinguish between different articles written by the author in the same year, as "(Arunari 1991a)". There will be a 1991b somewhere in the document, and maybe a 1991c, 1991d and so on. These will be designated in full on a separate page.

Thanks a lot. Your description was very helpful.
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