Hi people!

It's me, Antonia.

I'm translating another cookbook. Can you please help me? What does exactly mean ''high levels of...''? Thank you

p.s. I'm very happy that I can say that South Beach is going to be published in my country this month.
C'mon, Antonia-- re-register with another name. How about 'AntoniaOne'?-- It's much more fun when we know who we're talking to.

High levels of: out of context, it means a high percentage of. There are high levels of dioxin in my granola means that there is a high percentage of it there.

Congratulations on your appearance in print! Does South Beach appropriately credit me? It's 'Mister Micawber, Senior Guru, English Forums.com'.
I'm not kidding, I can't reregister! I don't know why.

Here it is: On this diet you'll be eating high levels of fruits and vegetables.

p.s. Of course it credits you appropriately, THE ONE AND ONLY Mister Micawber.
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I'm sorry to hear that, Antonia. Have you tried another email address?
On this diet you'll be eating high levels of fruits and vegetables.

I think it just means "you'll be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables."

Antonia, if you really can't register, maybe you should start putting your name in the subject line of all your posts, like this: (Antonia) high levels of fruits and vegetables.
"High levels of vitamin C", maybe; but "high levels of fruit and vegetables"? It sounds very odd to me.

What would a "low level" of fruit and vegetables be?

"Large quantities", perhaps.

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Thank you Pianne and Khoff very much. I'll try to reregister again. see you soonEmotion: smile
Thank you Mr Pedantic