Can you please chek this sentence? Is the term high literature OK? What about the relative clause in blue? Is the verb predominance over ok in this context?

It would be interesting to explore literary genres, but it is not difficult to notice predominance of fiction over high literature, which is not exclusively the case in Croatia.

Thank you
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Hi, Antonia!

I'm not a native speaker, but to me the "is not exclusively the case " in your sentence seems to relate to predominance rather than Croatia. I mean, it looks as if not only fiction is predominant in Croatia, other kinds of literature can be predominant too. Or am I wrong here?

Also I think predominance is not between two kinds of something, it's about one kind dominating all the others.
Thank you May,

I'm looking for a way to say: ''this does not happen only in Croatia, but in other countries as well. Perhaps this is not only characteristic of Croatia?
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Hi Antonia,

In terms of meaning, the sentence seems to take for granted that fiction cannot be 'high literature'. I find that rather odd.

Best wishes, Clive
Glad to help! Your new sentence looks OK to me, but I'm not too sure of myself. I think you'd better wait until wiser people have spoken!
Hi Clive and May,

I know what you mean Clive. I chose the wrong word. What I'm looking for is not fiction but ''prose that entertains its readers and is not deep. I don't know if you understand me, but there must be some word for it.
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Antonia - I think the term you are looking for is "popular fiction." You could say something like, "it is obvious, and not exclusive to Croatia, that popular fiction has a wider readership than literature does." (I'm trying to avoid repeating "popular," or I would say "popular fiction is more popular than literature -- in fact, that's why we call it 'popular fiction'!)

You might also be able to call it "mass-market fiction," meaning fiction that is targeted to the broad, not-very-discriminating masses.
Thank you Khoff. You've helped me a lot. Can you tell me what would be the opposite ''high literature?'' Belles-lettres?
"Belles lettres", maybe.
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