Hello, nice to meet you everyone. I am GuGu from Myanmar, Burma. I am 16 years old. So, I am a high school student now. This time, I want to share the high school student’s life. As everyone knows, our country is still a developing country. The life style and culture of our country are different from the other countries. Moreover, I think student’s life in Myanmar is also different from the other student’s life in foreign countries.

In our country, there are three parts in a school. We have to attend our school from June to March. They are primary, middle and high. They are also called primary school, middle school and high school. We could attend the primary school when we are 5 years old. I was born in 1995. In 2000, I joined the primary school. We have to study in primary school for five years. After studying for five years, we could join the middle school if we pass the primary school’s exam. For a regular student, we could attend the middle school when we are 10 years old. In middle school, we have to learn lessons for three years. After that, we have to sit the middle school’s exam. If we pass, we can join the high school.

In high school first year, we are 14 years old. We have to study for three years in high school. At senior year, we have to sit a very important exam for our life. We call that exam as “Matriculation Examination”. This exam is very very important for a student’s life. In our country, we don’t need to take an entrance exam like “GCSE” to join the university or college. To join the university or college, we need the Matriculation Exam’s marks. The higher the marks, the better university or college you will get. In senior year in high school, we have to learn these subjects. They are Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, History and Geography. Each subject gives distinction. To get distinctions, it is very very difficult for a student. We have to try a lot if we want to get distinctions. The more distinctions you get the higher marks you will get. So, this is our Myanmar high school student’s life.

Frankly, I don’t know much about the other countries. I am still learning. So, I want to know how the student’s life in your country is different from us. Please share with me. This year, I passed the high school with distinctions. Soon, I am going to join the university. I have learnt in school for 11 years. What about you? Can you tell me about your student’s life? I am willing to listen. Thank you very much for your attention. Have a wonderful day. May you all be successful in your whole lives! Please kindly correct my English if I was something wrong. Thank you so much, everyone. Good bye.

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Correction: Instead of High school student's Live, please read as High school student's life. thank you.
I really appreciate your eassy. Thank u.And would love to read more eassy from you.Emotion: smile
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Hi GuGu.

Well, in our country we go to primary school when we are 7. Our primary school is 5years, such as yours. We start our middle when we're 12 and it takes 3 years. We start high school at 15 years old and it takes 3 years. After these three years we have one year studying in pre-university. And this year we have a very very very important and very very very difficult exam such as “Matriculation Examination” in your country, bur we call it "Konkoor examination".

Each students which have better distinctions will enter to better university.

In high school we should choose what kind of field that we want to join. it is included of math, science and religion.

Congratulation GuGu. Hope have success in whole your life.

I'll be glad to answer you if you have any question.

Good bye.

please give me some more information related with your country's primary education system. please share with me some photographs of your school's place.. Here is my email id Email Removed. kindly do this favor to me, if you need any information about india's education system i will definitely provide them. for this please send your email id to the above given email address. I hope i can help you out in understanding about my country.
so good bye, & please do contact me
Hii GuGu,
I'm from Vietnam. In my country, Student start learn when 6 old, and used 12 year for all part 1 (5 year: primary, 4 year: middle, 3 year: high school). and used 4 or 5 year for part 2 learn university with many careers for you chonse.
have a good day !
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hi gugu
I am ihssane from morocco ,we could attend the primary school when we are 6 years old ,we have to study 6years in primary school and we join the middle schol after passing an exam .we have to study for 3 years in middle school and another 3years in high school ,actually this is the first time I herad about your city or country I have no idea about your culture or
HI Gu Gu ,
Nice to see a Myanmar student here, especially young ones like you, Gu Gu
I am also a Myanmar student, Emotion: smile
Nice to meet you gugu
Let me know if you have better idea about university or institute which one is better after matriculation exam for my brother.Otherwise where can i get website about education not only myanmar but also other countries.
I am looking forward to hear from u.
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