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And what about the diference between hike / ramble /stroll?
Hike carries a sense of more energy, something you do for the exercise or for the views from the top of a mountain. If I were going on a hike, I'd have sturdy shoes, a water bottle, perhaps a snack... but for a stroll, I'd just step out my door. I would go for a stroll after dinner, but I wouldn't go for a hike.

Both hike and stroll (and walk) can be nouns. Go for a hike, go for a stroll, go for a walk.

All three can also be verbs, as can ramble.
stroll and ramble are quite synonymous, but IMO ramble accentuates the lack of direction or purpose:

1 a : to move usually by walking from place to place without conscious aim or goal : stroll here and there : ROVE , WANDER <rambling till suppertime through the orderly avenues between the lines of English walnut trees -- Jean Stafford> <to ramble through the country and to talk about books -- J.P.Marquand> b : to explore without any particular purpose <most students rambled around among a lot of different subjects -- Sloan Wilson>

hike is more synonymous with "walk" and "march"
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Thanks for your answers.