Im doing an english paper on how hip hop is the most influential music amongst todays youth, and how it is used in the classroom. Im trying to gather info. on whether students have had hip hop used in the classroom at all, whether it was for poetry reference or general knowledge. Please respond with informative and educated answers
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I used to attend a school in southern california, and we used hip hop as a reference for poetry all the time. We reviewed artists such as 2 pac and Nas.
Ive never had a teacher or professor refer to hip hop as a subject in the classroom, but I have used hip hop as a subject in my papers that I have written over the years
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The history of hip hop reflects pretty directly with what is going on in society throughout the years. Im a student from the Louisiana, and my 11th grade history teacher used hip hop to help us learn various points in recent history
Thats great to hear that you had a teacher who used hip hop as a reference for poetry. Could you maybe get a little more specific as to what songs you guys used, and how it related to the subject of poetry
If you look at some of the topics used in hip hop songs and rap songs, they pretty much are dealing with outside factors such as the economy or racial situations.
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How did you relate hip hop to your papers?
I had an assignment I had to, and the do in the 10th grade where we had to write a song about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and my group decided to write a rap.
Hip hop and rap are both genre's of music greatly enjoyed by much of today's youth. To use it in the classroom would be a great idea, and would only further the interest of students class.
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