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What's the difference between the words "hip" and "thigh"? They look synonyms but I guess there is some pitfall. Thanks! Emotion: smile
They are not synonyms because they are two different parts. Here's the definition from Longman:

Hip: one of the two parts on each side of your body between the top of your leg and your waist.
Thigh: the top part of your leg, between your knee and your hip.

http://eslcourses.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/body-parts-in-english /

The thigh is #11, which is all the part between #18 and #12 (the knee). If you only consider the sides of your body in the area indicated by the arrow #18, then those are the hips (one hip on each side of your body, two hips: right hip, left hip).

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Hands on thighs.

Hands on hips.

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If you poke around in that region you'll feel a bony bit (the pelvis and the leg joint) protruding at the side. I would call that general area the "hip". The "thigh" is then the more muscly bit that stretches down the leg from the hip in the direction of the knee.
Oh I see now. In Russian we call these body parts the same word so that's why I thought they were synonyms. Thanks! Emotion: smile
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That is a great answer. Thanks. Now I know the difference between hips and thighs