Hi guys,
can you please help me with this phrase? I've been digging through the internet for 1 hour and I'm still not able to make an conclusion of what does it mean....
Here are the examples which I found:
1) All these people listened to NPR, watched CNN and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC and SNL and once they kept hearing from Daily Show and Colbert too that Obama was the better man, how Republicans were bad, Obama good, and that same hippie-dippy-crap about “change, peace, love, unity” they voted for it and bought the farm for this country.
2) All politics aside (and I really mean that — this has nothing to do with his position on anything in particular), I can’t imagine letting this guy loose on the world for four (or, God help us, eight) years. Bush is what he is — and thankfully, he won’t be it at us much longer. But McCain is simply a deeply mean person. He’d be mean to Congress. He’d be mean to the UN. He’d be mean at a barbecue. He’d be mean at the Easter Egg roll. He’s just a jerk, and can only hide that for so long before he blows it. And at risk of sounding too hippie-dippy, I must admit that I think there’s a level of meanness beyond which you are not ideal for the presidency.
3) A Shah of Iran-type situation could result if we enrage the Pakistani populace as y’ all know, the Prime Directive of Star Trek is non-interference in the internal affairs of an alien civilization. But America’s foreign policy apparatus, whether military or diplomatic, never bought into that hippie-dippy Roddenberry crap. The Prime Directive of our realpolitik is simple.

many thanks in advance guys,
Best Regards
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It's a very casual and informal adjective derived from the word 'hippie'. The word 'dippy' is just there as a nonsense word, because it rhymnes.

So, look up 'hippie' in your dictionary and you should see the meaning.

If you still can't, please post again.

Best wishes, Clive

PS I see you've spent an hour already, so let me add this.

"Hippies' were young persons in the 1960's who rejected the traditional values of society, and advocated things like free love, universal peace and political change.

In your excerpts, the term is being used as a derogatory way of describing people today who have liberal or left-wing views about politics and society.
It also implies a certain wide-eyed naivete or idealism (you may have already picked that up from the context of the excerpts you quoted). A "dip" is a slang term for (per Webster) "a stupid or unsophisticated person," so the rhyme works quite well.
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I would add that "hippie-dippy" is usually used in a derogatory way by conservatives or shall I dare say people with "right-wing" views. These people use the term hippie-dippy to mean a person with idealistic and foolish views (from their perspective). Delmobile is right in stating that there is a certain degree of freshness and naivete associated with a hippie-dippy person, but in addition, such people are perceived to be outspoken and obnoxious (in the eyes of people who disagree with their positions). If you go back to the origin of the hippy in the late sixties and early seventies, they were characterized as voiciferous, long-haired, anti-war, anti-establishment rebels. Most were well educated and clever. In short, I would say a "hippie-dippy" person is idealistic, naive and voiciferous to the point of being obnoxious not "unsophisticated and stupid" as Delmobile indicated.
Thanks guys for help![Y]
I know who the hippies were, but the problem was that I just didn't know what the word "dippy" means there. But it's clear to me now after your explanation.Emotion: smile
thanks again for very clear and good answers.

Best Regards
Hippie-dippy appears to be a word made up by a few for clever usage. If I had made it up, my reference point for dip would have been a rather vulgar tern as in the phrase "he doesn't know dip-sh** about what he's talking about". My take is that "dippy" adds a negative connotation to the term 'hippy", which some may already consider negative enough.
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Thank you Philip for your additional note.
George Carlin had a character called the Hippy Dippy weatherman. Search for it spelled this way.
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