Greetings! Take a look at the first three words of this sentence:

"Besides his being a role model for each person in the family, he also knows how to have fun."

I know that "his being" is correct. Some people write "him being" which is incorrect. While I know which is correct, I don't know how to explain WHY "his" is correct and "him" is wrong. Could someone provide me the RULE that explains why it should be written "his being" rather than "him being" so that I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Emotion: smile


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I can't provide a Rule, but I think that, in "his being", "being" is used as a noun, hence requires a possessive adjective, not a pronoun.

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Re: "Besides his being a role model for each person in the family, he also knows how to have fun."

I believe that the sentence is incorrect. There is no need for "his" and the sentence should be:-

"Besides being a role model for each person in the family, he also knows how to have fun."
" He, besides being a role model for each person in the family, also knows how to have fun."
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Thanks for the feedback. I am quite confident that my original sentence is correct. Likewise, your two suggestions are correct. Either way, I'm still looking for a rule or explanation of why "him being" is not correct. Pieanne's suggestion has me puzzled as I can't get my mind around "being" being a noun.
Yes, it's possible, Creole, like in "reading is my favourite pastime"
"reading" = the fact of reading.

"I'm used to this car" (used to + noun)
"I'm used to walking"

If you want to use "his being......." as a noun(phrase) subject, I'll give you an example:-

"His(authority) being the manager, gives him the right to fire any worker he deems unfit for the job."

In your original sentence, I still believe that the "his" is incorrctly used and Pieanne's suggestion that "being" is a noun, is also incorrect because "being" is not used as a gerund( like in her "reading" example).
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Hmmm. Your example, "His being the manager..." is certainly correct. As is my original example, "...his being a role model..."

However, (not to complicate things too much) I don't believe you need a comma after "manager" as it separates the subject and verb.

I'm still looking for the rule/explanation as to why ..."him being the role model..." is incorrect. What do you think?

I appreciate your feedback, by the way.
I'm not that good at grammar terms...

"him" is a personal pronoun, in the complement form. You could have "I don't like him being the role model for the whole family (or whatever).
But in "him being the role model for each person (...) he also knows ..." , "him" cannot be a complement.

BTW, I think the sentence might sound better like this:
"his being the role model for each person (...) doesn't prevent him from having fun"
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