I just noticed this on the recent action page: hollerinloud updated "their profile." I'd suggest dropping "their profile" and using "his profile" instead. If this construction is too old school for you, why not use "his/her profile." I am, however, also troubled by this usage.
Nonetheless, in my humble opinion, "their profile" in this context is incorrect.
Welcome to the forums, hollerinloud.

You are absolutely correct, but it is one of those problems of English that has been around for centuries. We have no gender-free singular pronoun or possessive. "Their", to some, is less bothersome than "his/her". We just have to adapt to what we have, sometimes. There is another incorrect structure on one of our pages here, and I mentioned it once, but it never was changed. I just don't let it bother me.

I also find it interesting on my own homepage to find an announcement that I have "1 email messages" in my mailbox.