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Some of my favorate heros from history are Rosa Parks, and Martin L. King and Jessie Owen and Ms. C.J Walker also Booker T. Washington

and a hand full of others. some of my other historical characters are Trina, Regina King, Mrs.Elise , my Mother, my cousin Toya,

and many more but i cant forget my uncle.The reason i choose them is because each one of them holds a part of me. Every last

one of them have something that i can relate to if not i respect everything they have done because it kind of made a big difference and my life.

With love , Janice Wilson!
Some of my heroes from history are Martin Luther King Jr. I choose Martin Luther King Jr. because he took a stand for the black community. They tried to stop him by arresting him for boycotting, personal abuse, and bombing his home. All of those things didn't break him he stay strong and stood up for what he believe in. For that black people have the equal rights as whites people today. My favorite historical charater would be Zora Neal Hurston. He writings were very interesting. In her writings she never seemed to be bitter about racsim. Her writings were was if we all were equal. - Ashley

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Some of my heroes from history would have to be Rosa Parks as well as Martin Luther King Jr. I choose these as my heroes from history due to all the important things they believed in and made possible for us young folks today. Due to Rosa Parks she had this belief to where she felt as though everyone should be treated as one,meaning not divided into groups. Back in the day we had strong racism and slavery due to whites.And Rosa believed as well as others that something had to be done.She was well known as the lady who made it to were blacks were able to sit anywere on the bus including the front and not just the back.And as of today alot of people have much respect for her and her helpfulness towards us blacks. However, I also chose Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. He also took a stand for helping us blacks,he tried to make it where we have equal rights. He also tried to make it clear to all people ( black and whites ) that racism and being in slavery was a bad thing. Blacks were treated unfairly and were held accountable for the simplest things. He wanted to make it were we all could get treated fairly and that blacks could come together with whites and try to make things work out and thats why im proud to say i look at Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. as my historic heroes. For believing in us and sticking with there word and standing for what they believe.Some more of my historical characters would have to be Souljer Truth and Madame CJ Walker. My reason being is they also did helpful things that we have in use today and for that im thankful to look at all four as my heros.
My historic icon would have to be Martin Luther King Jr he is the reason that we have all this freedom. He is why blacks can do want they want. Dr King is my favorite because he made the past better so we can have a better furture. Another person is my mother she has been a big part in my life. She provides want i need she keeps me safe. Another person is harriet tubman she help all the slaves escape from slavely she made the color incedent not a problem. Harriet Tuman gave us the freedom to suceeded in want we wanted to do. All the historic icons help us get to were we at right now.
My favorite historical figure is Richard Pryor. He is the single greatest comedian to ever live, and will not be surpassed anytime in the near future. Richard Pryor has opened up the door for so many comedians. This even extends to races other than black people. Not only did Pryor make it cosure to express real life situations in a humorous ways, but he made it acceptable for a comedian to use personification in his comedy. Another one of my favorite historic figures is The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie smalls is the single greatest rapper of all time. He has recieved recognition for his excellent freestyling, along with his superb and compelling storytelling. Noone in the rap industry can cite thier influences without Biggie showing up in the list.
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Some people who are historic icons to me are Martin Luther King jr. and Malcom X. Even though they tried to stop racism two different ways they both had the same cause. They were very inspirational to black people. Because of them black people are now consider as equals. Even though they were both killed, they changed history forever. Martin Luther King jr. and Malcom X are the two most famous African Americans in history. - Bryan
Some of my heroes from history are Martin Luther King, and Madame C.J Walker. The reason I chose Martin Luther King is because l feel that if it wasnt for him us black people wouldnt be treated equally. Martin Luther King made speeches on how we all should be treated equally by the content of our charactor not by the color of our skin. Thanks to him we are allowed to do stuff that we wernt usually allowed to do. My other hero from the past is Madame C.J Walker. The reason being is because she made it easy for us blacks to have very straight hair. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have pretty hair.

- Jasmine
Some of my Heroes from History are none other than Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods & Denzel Washington. I chosen these three Historical Characters because of what type of an effect these Gentlemen had on me. They make life worth living, Micheal Jordan, He brought something to the game that nobody have never seen before, Tiger Woods, He's the best black golf player whoever grab a club, matter fact he's the only black golf player in the game today he's at the point where when goes out there and just do it because thats what he want to do. And for Denzel Washington, Denzel is One of the best actors in the business today and He his highest paid "BLACK ACTOR" in the business today this is why I Chosen these three Historical Characters for my history heroes....

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