Who are some of your heroes from history? Who are some of your other favorite historical characters? (These being those that you think are extremely interesting but they're really not your heroes.)

My heroes would have to be either Winston Churchill or Theodore Roosevelt. Some of my favorite historical charaters are Henry VIII and the entire Tudor dynasty of England. I also enjoy reading about Bonnie Prince Charlie and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Hello Sarah

Not a hero; but I quite like Sidney Godolphin. He was born c. 1609, and died in 1643, in a skirmish at Chagford, Devon, during the English Civil War.

Clarendon says:
Yet the Civil War no sooner began (the first Approaches towards which He discovered as soon as any Man, by the Proceedings in Parliament, where He was a Member, and opposed with great Indignation) than He put himself into the first Troops which were raised in the West for the King; and bore the Uneasiness and Fatigue of Winter Marches, with an exemplar Courage and Alacrity; until by too brave a Pursuit of the Enemy, into an obscure Village in Devonshire, He was shot with a Musket; with which (without saying any Word more, than, Oh God, I am hurt) He fell dead from his Horse; to the excessive Grief of his Friends, who were all that knew him; and the irreparable Damage of the Public...

There was never so great a Mind and Spirit contained in so little Room; so large an Understanding, and so unrestrained a Fancy, in so very small a Body; so that the Lord Falkland used to say merrily, that He thought it was a great Ingredient into his friendship for Mr. Godolphin, that He was pleased to be found in his Company, where He was the properer Man; and it may be, the very Remarkableness of his little Person, made the Sharpness of his Wit, and the composed Quickness of his Judgment and Understanding, the more notable . . .

Though every Body loved his Company very well, yet He loved very much to be alone, being in his Constitution inclined somewhat to Melancholy, and to Retirement amongst his Books; and was so far from being active, that He was contented to be reproached by his Friends with Laziness; and was of so nice and tender a Composition, that a little Rain or Wind would disorder him, and divert him from any short Journey, He had most willingly proposed to himself; insomuch, as when He rid abroad with those in whose Company He most delighted, if the Wind chanced to be in his Face, he would (after a little pleasant murmuring) suddenly turn his Horse, and go Home.
It's the part about the 'wind...in his face' and the 'little pleasant murmuring' that appeals to me.

Chagford is a curious little town near Exeter, in the West of England; you would expect there to be a Godolphin Tea Shop, or a Godolphin Arms; but no, not even a plaque outside the church where Godolphin was shot. His birthplace, Godolphin Hall in Cornwall, is worth a visit, if you're ever in that part of the world.

I would say that some of my heroes, or at least people that I admire, in history are Ben Franklin, Thomas More, Abraham Lincoln, and Nikola Tesla.

Some of my favorite historical figures to read about are Julius Caesar, Ulysses S. Grant, Vlad Tepes (AKA Vlad the Impaler, Dracula), Hernando Cortez, George S. Patton, and Temujin (AKA Genghis Khan).
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Some of my heroes from history are Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Notorious B.I.G. Some of my favorite historical characters are Shakespeare, Napolean, and Albert Einstein. These icons all have something in common with me that makes them special.
my historic icon is Martin Luther King Jr. The reason is for his movement and courage. i couldnt see how back then he stayed none violent in his struggle.its way different from the people today. violence is a big problem thats how most problems are solved today. he orginized things stayed behind his people a never turned his back. I respect that person even if i never meet him in person. i can just imagine how much he believed in his people.
My heros are Rosa Parks,i say that because if it wasnt for here black african americans would not be able to ride on the bus.i also say Madem CJ walker. becuase if it wasnt for her a lot of people hair would be all over the place and wild.

My heros would have to be Goerge washington craver because he intvent peanut butter. i dont really like it but it do help with a alot of food and snacks.and sandwiches,.
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One of my all time heros would have to Harriet Tubman. Ms.Tubman set about 300 slaves free and put her life in the line to save another. She would travel the underground railroad in search for slaves to free them and in all her journeys she " never lost a single person".

Harriet did what she had to do to get out the slaver life. She also went back to rescue her family. By 1840 she had taken 19 trips back and forth to save another life. She is my hero and im sure she is alot more people hero to.


My Hero's are Rosa Park,Martin Luther King . Because it wasnt for them we wouldnt have freedom . We wouldnt be able to go to school with whites .In if they didnt stand up for African Americans we wouldnt be where we at now.
i dont have any heroes. i dont look up to anybody. everyone that ive ever looked up to got killed. that means that i have lost all hope for heroes. a hero does not do anything but upset you.
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