Is there anyone who can tell me a good history site where I can find information about what was there before year 1000? I mean how year started?

Sorry, Aastha, I'm not clear on what you are looking for. How which year started? 999 A.D.?
which was the first year? what is A.D? etc. I want to get all these information?
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AD goes back to 1AD. AD means 'after Christ'

There isn't a 0 year, so for dates before that we use BC (before Christ) with 1BC being the year before 1AD. The higher the BC number, the further it is in the past.

It is impossible to say what date is the first year, as you can always add on another one!

If you want more information you could look at bbc.co.uk/history/timelines.
Just to add a footnote to the counting of dates - the fact that there was no Year 0 means that the second Millennium AD ended on 31st December 2000, and not in 1999. The whole world, it seems, went crazy celebrating the new millennium a year too soon. It is intersting to note that the same mistake was not made a century earlier - our grandparents (maybe great-grandparents in your case!) knew that the 20th century began on 1st January 1901. Just look at any newspaper published then. The 20th century was therefore the only one in history that apparently lasted for only 99 years!

Here is a good site to visit - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1
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On the one hand, semantic purity. On the other, the pleasure of seeing
all those little zeroes suddenly swing into place.

It's always a tough call...

More and more, so as not to seem that Christianity is dominating a calendar which has become international and therefore used by many non-Christians, the abbreviations are CE. and BCE. Common Era and Before the Common Era.

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Actually A.D. stands for ANNO DOMINI latin which translates roughly In the year of our Lord.
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