Hallo Everybody,

Does any of you know a good coursebook for a university subject called "The History of English." The ones I know usually deal with just one period of the development of English or with only one aspect of the language.

I will be grateful for any suggestions.

OK. Let's consider this thread resolved. I've found one.

Thank you.
Won't you mention the coursebook's name, cairn ?
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Hello yulysess,

I've found several books dealing with history of the language and I'm going to choose:

Baugh, Albert C. and Thomas Cable. 2002. "History of the English Language". Routledge. (paperback 5th ed.)

It has been been used by teachers for ages now, but I couldn't find a better one.

There are also these two:
Barber, Charles. 2000. The English Language: a Historical Introduction. Cambridge University Press.

Pyles, Thomas and John Algeo. 1993. The Origins and Development of the English Language. Heinle & Heinle Publishers.

I took them into consideration, but:

I don't know the first one or anybody using it (I can't recommend it to my students - I'm going to buy it and read it and perhaps next academic year...)

and as far as I know the latter hasn't been updated since 1993 (that's 12 years!). Besides I don't like the phonetic script used there.

I'd be grateful for any other suggestions.