Guys, I'm doing a test and two quesions make me really confused. Can anyone help? The questions are as follow: 1. The first step towards a complete change of the English grammar during the Middle English period was: a. apperance of diphthongs, b. syllable boundry shift, c. apperance of 'schwa' in unstressed syllables, d. clipping of final -n.
2. The Middle English basis of Modern English Standard is to a considerable degree obscure and mixed. The description would be: a. it's the language of Lord Chancellor, b. Southern English, c. East Midland English, d. it's London English plus the language of Lord Chancellor's Office in Westminster plus the language of Westminster (?) followers.
I would appreciate any help on the topic.
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I suppose I'd say that you have to listen to the poetry and song of that time and compare the vowels and consonants with what we are used to in modern speech

The second question seems much more difficult because, although we can judge the rhyme and metre of the poetry, we've got very little way of knowing how people spoke in different dialects or in different social classes

Here's someone reading Chaucer; someone singing a song from then and, just for fun, Mark Steel talking about the social changes that affected the language around that time ...