!) [Elvis Presley hit the screen in his T-shirt.] In this sentence, what is the meanig of "hit the screen"?

2) [He is an important New York blueblood, a person of high distinction.] in this sentence, what is the meaning of distinction?

Thanks for reading.
1) Probably, suddenly appeared on the TV screen ...
2) Very dignified.
1: Started appearing on television.
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Marius Hancu, Thanks for your reply...

I wonder if "hit the screen" includes the meaning of big hit, enthusiastic response from the public or just appear on the screen. coz the word "hit" makes me think of it.
hit the screen -- first appreared on television / first appeared in a movie.
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CalifJim and Vorpar have a valid point.
However, in order for their version to be valid, I'd have preferred:

Elvis hit the SCREENS (plural) in 1955.

Also, in:

Elvis Presley hit the screen in his T-shirt.

"in his T-shirt" is very specific, about a specific night, as he wasn't always wearing a T-shirt.

The way it is written, I think he author came home on a given night, opened the TV set and was confronted sooner or later with Elvis, who showed/popped up in a T shirt on the screen.
Anyway ...