You know, Clark if you wanted to burry my in the desert
for going out on that date with Lois you could have at least
taken me to Nevada. I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'm still gonna put up a fight, (Fight for his life?) but we could've hit the strip before
the main event
, (Wander the streets of Nevada before they fight?) you know what I mean? Maybe a little blue man group.
Maybe a little carrot top. (Have fun?) You know, what I'm getting you next
year for Christmas is a sense of humor.
You do know he means Las Vegas, Nevada. "The Strip" refers to the street where the big, flashy hotels, casinos and so forth are located, the ones that have made the city famous as a tourist destination.


Blue Man Group is (are?) also performers. Their act is, um, difficult to pigeonhole.

http://www.blueman.com /
Yes, probably, but it's hard to hear a capital S when it's spoken.

Carrot Top is also a performer. A comedian whose humor eludes me. I find him very annoying. I've always wanted to see the Blue Man Group, though.

Anyway, be clear that "the Strip" in no way refers to visiting a strip club.
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1) Probably

2) hit the strip (visit a strip club, see a striptease show)

3) a little carrot top (see a comedy resembling Scott Thompson's style (stage-named Carrot Top))
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Shouldn't the strip be capitalized if it refers to the street?
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Thanks, D![Y]
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