Ho do you pronounce de Vere in Edward de Vere?

Is it like dee where?


Roughly speaking, De as in 'dip', without the 'p'.

Vere to rhyme with 'beer'.

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Thank you.
Yes...but not the 'de' as 'di' part. He was the Earl of Oxford, so should have a British English pronunciation, no?

The 'de' should pronounced 'd-uh'...kind of like the 'du' in 'duck' [though more like 'd-uh' than anything].

A minor thing, but hope it helps!
de Vere = ryhmes with fur beer.
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The correct pronunciation is here:


On the above page is an mp3 recording of a poem named Sorrow, written by an Irish poet named Aubrey de Vere. The audio has the correct pronunciation of the name.

My teacher is making me do poetry 😢😭