I'm not a big fan of fast food. It is really fat. It damaged my stomach . I hate it when I have nothing to eat and forcely to eat it . I enjoy vegetables . It's good for my health


I'll give you another version, but take the teachers' correction.

I am not a big fan of fast food because[1] it is high-fat [2]. It bothers/hurts [3] my stomach.[4]I hate it when I have nothing to eat other than it. I prefer eating vegetables[5]; It is a perfect choice [6] for my health.

[1] When writing, use conjunction words.

[2] You can also say: "It contains a lot of fat".

[3] If it really damaged your stomach, then you have to stop eating them.

[4] Do not add a space before the full stop.

[5] The verb "prefer" fits better with your context, especially that previously, you stated that you have nothing to it other than fast food.

[6] Your sentence is correct, too.

I forgot to add something, your paragraph was not about "Hobby". It was about your food preferences, I can say.