Mr Milosevic's family has accused the UN war crimes tribunal at The Hague of causing the former president's death by refusing to allow him to travel to Russia for medical treatment.

Mr Milosevic's body was transferred from the morgue at Schiphol airport, in Amsterdam, where it had lain overnight, in a grey van.

It was then placed in the hold of a plane for the two and a half hour flight to Belgrade.

Mr Milosevic's son Marko had travelled to The Hague from Moscow to take possession of his father's remains.


What is the meaning of the words 'the hold of a plane' in the above?

The body is driven in a van from a place to a morgue at the airport. The entire van with the body was inside the morgue. This is my understnding after reading the second sentence. Am I wrong?
The hold of a plane is the place where the goods/cargo are carried.
Pieanne seems to have left.

I don't think it's possible to say for certain whether the van was in the morgue.
in the van could refer to where the body was when it was transported to the morgue.
in the van could refer to where the body was while it was in the morgue.

Only the use of the comma suggests that the first interpretation is a little more likely.
The fact that bodies kept in morgues are not usually in vans at the time also argues for the first interpretation.
(On the other hand, I don't know if there is anything special about airport morgues.)

Then again, transferred in a grey van should have been used to be clear that the van was used only for transport. Leaving the in a van part for the end is rather peculiar.

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Thanks pienne

How about the second part of my question?
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