A: Can you hold your liquor?

B: Yes, I can.

A: Well I can't, so I want you to take my keys. Can you?

A: Sure, I can do that.

Dear teachers,

What does " to hold one's liquor " mean? Somehow I just feel that the dialogue above is too simple to understand. I guess there must be some meaning behind it. Please advise.

You're spot on, Antonija. Good interpretation.
spot on = exactly right (chiefly British)
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I think it means ''Can you drink a lot and still be 'sober' enough to drive?'' Some people can drink one beer and they immediately get drunk, others can drink a lot more and they don't show the signs of drunkness (at least one cannot see them).But. let's wait and see what others will say.
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Ha! Before I heard your interpretation, I had wondered why speaker A would ask speaker B to hold his bottle of liquor. Now I got it. Thanks.

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Grammar GeekYou're spot on, Antonija. Good interpretation.
What is "You are spot on."? Need your help, please.

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