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Simpson, holding court by the pool at the Palms hotel in on Saturday evening, denied that he was guilty of any wrongdoing.

In the sentence, what does it mean by "to hold court by the pool"?

I assumed that it might mean, "to take a rest"..............
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Simpson was apparently surrounded by his admirers near the pool.
(Look at definition 25b here .)
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Check this out...


I think, these two explanations fits into your situation...

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Btw: Is this from an article about OJ Simpson?
'Holding court' refers to a ruler seated in his/her court with ministers to administer justice and receive petitions from citizens.

In this context, it means a press conference addressed by Simpson near the swimming pool at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas.
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The article is from : http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,,2170883,00.html
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