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LanguageLoverGet well soon. [F]
thank you LL...i m OK:)
Dj BuenoGet well soonEmotion: sad I'm really doleful to hear that news.Incidentally had anything fatal happened to you or your mom? I hope you weren't seriously injured, were you?
Thank God we werent injured... we are robust;) but my grandma shocked but she got over now...Thank God she didnt have an heartattack...Criminal man is arrested but his arm broke into pieces! entirely loathsome panorama! blood odour attracted the police dog's attention , ahh i though the dog could eat him! and i think i was ill and that's our mum drove the car attentively and slowly owing to my illness...but i think we are unlucky:( drunk and incapable man(the trouble) came and found us!

i hope nobody come across:( i wish you good luck...and i really wonder your ÖSS results;) illuminate me;)
Think of it that you were lucky that nothing serious happened to you and your family, and all are safe ans sound. It could be much worse!
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I'm glad to see you're enjoying your vacation time as much as you can...
And it's nice to find out, with this last pic of yours, that you just love the sun as much as you're a big fan of disco lights and party balls Emotion: wink

I hope you've fully recovered from this awful episode in Antalya. Glad to hear nobody was seriously injured, and I sure hope this won't spoil your vacation time.

Gorusuruz, arkadaslar !
you're a big fan of disco lights and party balls Emotion: wink
Nope, not at all.My nick has nothing to do with the disco lights and party balls. Please click here
Emotion: smile)))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((
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