Me from Alanya(South of Turkey) beaches..
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Emotion: smile
Wanna swim!! Emotion: big smile
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Oh! Hi! Nice pics! (you're very pretty) Emotion: smile I thought you were male before seeing you, dont tell me why. Emotion: smile
You are really beautiful Emotion: smile

hey Gökçe ....the pictures seem like u had fun! i was in antalya(lara) and it was superb! but bad luck found me...Emotion: sad actually it was my foolishly mistake! i slept when the air conditioner works!(, completely 16 centigrade degrees!)...when i woke up, i was swinging just like medlar:P after my mum understood my case, she deciced to have break the vacation...i didnt care cuz i nearly dying! and we set mum drived the car really carefully and slowly (you know how repellent the Antalya way...cliff and bends!!!) but although my mum drived really faultless, we had an accident!!! INCAPABLE and drunk man come and hit our car...OH GOSH I AM ALIVE! and i am HALE AND HEARTY...there is a picture of my mum's car... was really hazardous and amusing (i mean ACTION!;)) vacation for me...and look cute as everytime!;)


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thank u
Get well soonEmotion: sad I'm really doleful to hear that news.Incidentally had anything fatal happened to you or your mom? I hope you weren't seriously injured, were you?
Get well soon. [F]
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