Would you point out mistakes if you could? Thanks.Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite actress because she is so cute, so I rent a DVD “Holiday”. She looked little aged in the move “In her shoes” because I still had image of young Cameron, but looked still attractive and cute in “Holiday”. In both movies, she played a role of single, and she is also shingle in her personal life. I could not help to wonder why the beauty having good personality (looks like so) like her never got married? Not only her but there are many beautiful woman who never got married in this world. Modern woman have enough money to live their own, and afford to buy a lot of luxuries. It looks fine for now, but what they would feel when they aged? Even some of married couple do not want baby because of high education cost and they want to keep the current live standard. What is important is depend on what you value. Freedom is such an attractive poison hard to stop enjoying, which is one of the reason for low birth rate of some country? At least for me…?!
Cameron Diaz is an actress. She has just a few years to earn her money, since Hollywood is looking for young actresses all the time, and she will be replaced shortly. Also, there are acting few roles for older women. So she must work very hard now. Plus, she has little time for meeting eligible men who are willing to marry a very busy actress. Hollywood marriages tend to not last very long.

Everyone thinks it's glamorous and fun to be an actress, but it can be a very lonely life.
Thank you for your attention, SusankayI am glad I am not pretty enough to have an idea challenging Hollywood!?