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Hi all

The scroll bar is working in the Simple Editor.Emotion: smile It didn't use to be possible to upload pictures with it at all but I think it is now. I revisited Gran Canaria in April. Most of these pictures were taken in Palmitos Park, a small zoo and botanical garden in the middle of nowhere.

Islands in the Gulf of Finland, a leg of the Baltic Sea.

The Palmitos Park entrance.

The Palmitos Park valley.

The water doesn't look particularly inviting. I guess it's green with pollen. The swans don't seem to mind.

Since there is no competition, the prices in the restaurants and bars are exorbitant: half a litre of Spanish beer in a plastic cup is €6.50! You either pay up or go thirsty.

The hawks and eagles are very impressive. The amazing thing is that at one stage in the programme they are allowed to fly freely high above the mountains - and actually wherever they choose to go - but they always return to the confinement of their cages. The parrots could also fly away if they preferred that to entertaining people a few times a day. I had never seen a parrot lying on his back on a sunbed wearing tiny sunglasses and reading a German minimagazine!Emotion: big smile

Las Palmas airport.

Home at last! Helsinki airport.

Emotion: big smile Photos are very nice. There are really strange animals there.
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I'm back from my annual visit to the Canaries. Greetings to Rune!
Sand art on Las Canteras Beach, Las Palmas.

Las Canteras Beach

The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands is obvious from the black sand in some parts of the two-mile long Las Canteras Beach.

The tourists have a long way to go!

The island is very mountainous.

Mount Teide can be seen about 50 kilometres away on the island of Tenerife.

This hotel is about one kilometre above sea level.