People travel for the same reason as they collect works of art: because the best people do it. To have been to certain spots on the earth's surface is socially correct; and having been there, one is superior to those who have not. To justify this snobbery, a series of myths has gradually been elaborated. The places which it is socially smart to have visited are aureoled with glamour, till they are made to appear, for those who have not been there, like so many fabled Babylons and Bagdads.Those who have traveled have a personal interest in cultivating and disseeminating these fables. For if Paris and Monte Carlo are really so marvellous as it is generally supposed, by the inhabitants of Bradford or Milwaukee, of Tomsk and Bergen, that they are—then the merit of the travelers who actually visited these places is the greater and their superiority over the stay-at-homes the more enormous.
Should I take the 'home(s)' in bold as their own countries, or literally their homes, the places they have and live in?
Here, take it as their own countries (perhaps even their own cities).
 Good! Just as I thought. Thanks, Philip.