Dear teachers,
Could you possibly help me distinguish between the use of HOME and HOUSE?

Thank you in advance
A house is always the physical building where you live. Home is more abstract, and sentimental, but it can be a physical place too.
"Home is where the heart is.", "Home sweet Home"
Your family treats me so nicely that I feel at home in your house.

The grammatical constructs are different, since "home" is sometimes an adverb, and house is always a noun.
I went to my house
I went home.
Tuongvandistinguish between the use of HOME and HOUSE
See house/home
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One can make one's "home" in practically any kind of structure: apartment, caravan, boat, tent, single family house, Borstal Prison, etc.

A "house" is generally defined as a single family residence, unless a modifier is added (row house, townhouse, etc). It implies privacy, being on its own land, and usually private ownership.

In America, people (also Estate Agents, a subcategory of humans) frequently misuse the word "home" when they're trying to say "house". This is a common mistake in lower middle class American English. Its incorrect use seems to occur most often when people are trying to make their house seem more appealing and/or marketable, although it usually just adds to the confusion.