I got the next homework to check:

An email: Birthdays in your country

You receive this email from your English pen friend:

It was my birthday on Saturday. I went with my family to a restaurant. After the meal they all sang “Happy Birthday” to me and we had a cake with candles.
What do people do to celebrate birthdays in your country? Is it the same or different?
Write soon!

Write an email to your friend.

Here goes my answer:

I am glad to hear your birthday went well. In my country, it's not that different, we do birthday party whether with family or friends or even both, but commonly we celebrate at own homes. In the beginning, guests give you gifts and wish you all the best. In the end, we finish a celebration with the teatime and a cake with candles.


Thanks in advance for your time!


I think it's quite good.

Your answer is mostly grammatically correct, but revisions can be made.

1) Instead of "we do birthday party whether with friends or family" you could say "we usually celebrate birthdays with family or friends"

2) "And most of the time we celebrate at our own homes" instead of "but commonly we celebrate at own homes"

3) "At the beginning" and "At the end" instead of "In the beginning" and "In the end".

4) "We finish our celebration" or "We finish the celebration"

5) "With teatime" instead of "With the teatime"