The wretched man begged the sale of bread:
- You give me half a loaf of bread if not tonight, I'm hungry, so I won't sleep.
The man cuts out a loaf of bread and give him, suddenly two men nearby also like to want it. The man selling bread sigh, and then ask:
-Why are you guys in this situation?
One man says:
In my prior life, I was wealthy; I had houses, vehicles, siblings, and I could eat whatever I wanted. These loaves of bread are destined for the garbage pail. Stocks were something I enjoyed doing. When the price was low, I bought, and when the price was high, I sold. Winning ones were worth a billion dollars. When I saw it was too simple to make money, I poured all of my money into it, borrowed more, and purchased many shares, not expecting the price to decline until the firm went bankrupt. My portfolio was reduced to paper. Everything vanished in an instant. Fortunately, I met you, and you are very kind to feed me, but I wasn't used to asking, and no one ever gave me anything. That's why I am usually hungry.
The second stated: - I was also extremely wealthy in the past; I was in Hong Kong in every morning and Macau last night, playing cards with my thoughts and even winning the casino's machine system. They progressively duped me, and my existence came to an end with the last big losing game. They escorted me to the airport to offer me a ticket to return home, but I had to hide like this because I ran out of money.
The third add:
I invested money into buying a bitcoin miner, which is a virtual currency. I purchased a hydroelectric plant in order to provide electricity for the computer. In that virtual world, I became a millionaire until no one recognized its value any longer, governments continued to outlaw it, and I returned to the actual world in my current beggar form. What a tragedy!
The selling bread says:
- You guys are the same in that your way of investing money does not bring benefits to life. Where did you enjoy happiness in your previous life, so you will be successful for a while. After the end of happiness, the body is rotten and wild. As for me, I push the cart to sell bread, which is still serving real life, making little money but durable. You guys should think again, in this poor situation, you also have to find a way to do something to contribute to life, maybe you'll be able to escape out of this horrible situation one day.
Someone in this community creates the food, clothing, and money, and we must repay the favor by contributing some benefits of this society. That is the essence of justice. The more we give back to life, the more life gives back to us. And we only know we have money because we see it, but we don't see everything around it, including the responsibility that comes with it, so if we refuse to do anything beneficial for society, money will leave us as well.
A wise person is one who finds a way, finds a career, finds opportunities to give more than to enjoy. Whenever the problem of Dedication minus Benefit still has a positive balance. That positive balance is The Blessing that keeps our life in peace and happiness.

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