Most people know that they will feel homesick when they go to live in another country, but many people do not think about the cultural adjustments they will have to make. When people go to another country to study, work, or live, they have to adjust to many differences. They have to change the way they eat, dress, travel, talk, and even think.

Most people will go through similar of cultural adjustment although the stages are longer or shorter for different people.

In the first stage, the newcomers enjoy the new culture. All the new experiences are exciting for them.

In the second stage, they begin to feel homesick and suffer other problems of cultural adjustment. They feel lonely, depressed, or sad. Everyday life seems filled with problems. Simple activities like making a phone call, paying a bill, traveling to work or school, or shopping seem filled with problems. The newcomers feel completely exhausted. They are too tired to think or even do anything.

In the third stage, the newcomer begins to adjust and life seems easier.

In the fourth stage, the newcomer realizes that he still misses his own culture, especially his family and friends. He may not yet be able to communicate easily in the new culture. Feelings of loneliness return.

The newcomer may feel unconnected to the people and culture around him.

In the final stage, the newcomer accepts the difficulties and problems of everyday life. He accepts the culture and the people around him and establishes a daily routine. Then he finds that he has adjusted to his new life and enjoys his new friends and life.

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