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It's OK, not a typo.

Okay. I now know it is not a typo. Thank you, Clive.

Could you please tell me why it is used here? What does it do to the sentence?

Thanks again.

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the phrase is one used in India and the Far East

Could you please tell me why it is used here? What does it do to the sentence?

'One' is in this kind of context a noun that refers to a single person/thing. Often, this is something that has been mentioned previously.

eg I looked at a red car and a blue car. I bought the blue one.

eg I need to buy a car. I want one that is red.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi Clive

A Google search indicates that the phrase is one used in India and the Far East. No US or UK hits (apart from media reports)

If I remove 'one', does the meaning change?

Not much in this case. However, the use of one here tends to suggest that there are others. Consider these more concrete examples.

eg The car that the police are looking for is damaged at the front.

eg The car that the police are looking for is one damaged at the front. This version more explicitly recognizes that there may be several cars with damage at the front.

Best wishes, Clive
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Culpable Homicide is a term used usually in the far east to describe the act of killing a person without direct intention(mens rea). It is known as Manslaughter in England and the States.

Culpable Homicide (Manslaughter) is said to occur when a person in performing some act expects death or dangerous injury as the consequence knownigly brings about such a concequence.

As posted earlier it is defined under the Sec.299 of the Indian Penal Code
Culpable homicide is the genus, and murder is a species.

Whoever causes the death of a person by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or with the intention of cusing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely by such an act to casue death, commits the offence of culpable homicide.

Now, culpable homicide may or may not amount to murder.

Cupable homicide is murder in all cases if the the act by which the death is caused is done with the intention of causing death, except for in the folllowing cases:

  • Grave and sudden provocation, mistake or accident.

  • In the bona fide execise of the right of private defence in the defence of person or property.

  • If a public servant, in the exercise of his duties in good faith, exceeds the powers given to him by law.

  • If it is committed without premeditation in a sudden figght in the heat of passion.

  • If the person whose death is caused is an adult who has consented to the risk of death.
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i think that the basic difference between culpable homicide and murder is that in culpable homicide there is no intention to kill or main or we can say there was no preplanning to kill or commit a murder includes homicide that is injury to other person which may lead to death of that person depending upon the quantum of injury caused...for e.g..a person A takes a stick and hits the B on his we can see that A didn,t had any intention of killing B coz a stick in normal situation can never kill a person ...but if B dies than here he commits a crime of culpable homicide..coz the injury caused by him withour any preplanning has lead to the death of the B....And murder is simply a homicide by one person of another and that he has planned and had specific purpose and intention to do so ....thats it ..dear .....
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Some folks have given you an erroneous answer......Homicide is any intentional killing.......Killing in self defense is a homicide.....that is how it is defined in the US.......murder is unlawful killing.......All murder id homicide......not all homicide is murder.
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