what do you say about the recent homosexual marriages? is it correct?
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I don't think it is good at all. I think it undermines the very fabric on which all higher life forms are based - that is, the union of male and female to propogate the species.
It is a very bad idea!
No No No ... don't even think about doing it! Don't even think about thinking about doing it!
I'll take my own advice now, bye Emotion: smile
yeah conus! i too strongly agree with the fact , but those people say they need to legally live with each other and spend their lives together! gosh!
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"those people" are humans created by the same God/power/chemistry reaction/unknown thing who/that has created you and me as well. I don't know the reason about why they have preference towards the same sex and the reason why they want to get legal marriage when nowadays legal marriages are decreasing in many societies, say my country, Spain, say Scandinavian countries, but I suppose they are striving ultimately for tolerance and respect. That is the unique reason I can find for their wish of getting legal marriage.
I am not familiar with "nature's law". Could someone tell me what it is, please?
I'll let you in on a little secret...

All mammal populations in the wild have a homosexual population. So "nature's law" is to have a homosexual population. Simply labelling a behavior as "natural" because you agree with it does not make it so. Curiously, the percentage of homosexual behavior in animals is quite close to that of humans. Could it be that humans are animals too? hmm...

The only legitimate (and I use the word loosely) reason to object to homosexual marriage in the US is that marriage provides tax relief that is supposed to be reserved for families. I have a hard time justifying even this argument. Whether a homosexual union constitutes a family is a different debate.
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But maybe I digressed from the original question. Are the recent homosexual marriages wrong? If by wrong, you mean illegal, they certainly are. But you have to break the law to challenge it. If by wrong, you mean morally objectionable, that's a different topic.
Well that seems pretty clear. Thanks Chameleon.

The legal position of course varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Gay marriages are not illegal in the Netherlands, for example.

Morals, on the other hand, are a personal choice. So, logically, anyone who finds a particular course of action immoral should simply not indulge in that action. Problem solved.

Unless of course it is being suggested that one person's morals should be imposed upon others who doesn't share those morals, against their will. Surely nobody on this list would be suggesting that, would they?

Sorry, but no amount of scholarly argument no matter how well written, will change the overwhelming majority of people's minds on this issue.

Most people know in their hearts what is right and what is wrong, and the overwhelming majority of people (yes we are animals of the mammal group - the females of our species have mammalian glands which are used to feed babies who are the result of union between male and female) do not accept homosexuality as being normal OR acceptable.

FACT - the vast majority of people are disgusted by homosexuality. Argue if you so will, but this is an inescapable truth.
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