What are the differences among "honestly/earnestly/sincerely"?

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They are very similar in meanings. Here is my take:

Honest: Truthful. 
An honest person does not lie.

Earnest: Serious or determined.
When you take on a job in earnest, you are NOT taking it lightly.

Sincere: Without pretense.
A sincere person does not pretend to be someone he or she is not, e.g. wear expensive jewelry to impress others, drop names of important luminaries as being friends, etc. But the most common use of this word is at the end of letters as in "sincerely yours."

Between Pieanne's and my explanations, you should have a pretty good feel for the subtle differences.


Honestly: to be honest, I'm not lying

Earnestly: in earnest, I'm not joking

Sincerely: with sincerity, without pretense; rather similar to "honestly", I think.

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