when you refer to your loved one, is it honey or hunny?
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It's honey. Or you might say sweetie-pie.Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
Strictly speaking, it's 'honey', but hunny is also used colloquially.
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TidusStrictly speaking, it's 'honey', but hunny is also used colloquially.
I've never seen it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Just to make him laugh (because it's so cutesy-pie you could throw up) I sometimes write "Hunny-Bunny" on cards to my husband. And then, to embarrass the kids, I'll call him things like "snookums-wookums" or "schmootzy-wootzy" which are just terrible - but it has the desired effect on my children who run screaming from the room yelling "Gross!"
just saying... your awesome!!
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That's awesome!
This whole thread is TMI. Emotion: ick!


Hunny, because honey means something you can eat.

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