I have a problem with the phrase "Hope you had a nice weekend". How do you respond to that? Is it acceptable or maybe required to just say "Hope you did too"? Or do you say something about the time you had and then ask how the other person's weekend was?

I'm also wondering about a response to "Hope you are well". But I guess it will follow the same rules as the other question, right?
"Thanks, hope you did too" is probably fine.

We just had a very long weekend here because of Thanksgiving. Most of the e-mails I received on Monday all started with some acknowledgement of the holiday/long weekend. Something like...

Hi everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed some nice time off with your family and some good food over the weekend.
I need...

If the person was someone that I have a friendly relationship, I might say "Thanks - we had a nice time Gary's sister's family and avoided eating too much." and the launching into addressing the real subject.

If the person was not someone I knew well, I'd reply with "Thanks - hope you enjoyed your holiday too."
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Thank you for your response, that's very helpful.


Thank you

I had a relaxing weekend. Thanks I hope you had a nice weekend.
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I hope you had a good weekend too