Just as the topic says... personally, I don't think there's ANY difference between horrible & terrible but I need to be 100% sure. I'm not so sure when it comes to proze/award/reward... is there any difference? Thanks in advance!
I don't really see a difference between horrible and terrible in most situations. If you have doubts about whether one is more suitable, please write the sentences you're thinking about.

A prize is for a competition.

A reward is for doing something good, but not within the context of a competition.

An award is not used as often as a noun.

Again, if you want to write a few sentences, it would help us tell you which is most appropriate.
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Both sound the same, but their origins may help you understand:


: viafrom, from (see).


(in the sense): viafrom, from

Also, terrible is often used for something very bad, such as a "terrible idea". While you could say "horrible idea", "horrible" in that case makes the idea not just bad but also dangerous. I guess, I consider "terrible" to be less extreme than "horrible", but you will often find it often doesn't matter.
I have laughed about this with my friends, family and coworker about the debate of "Horrible and Terrible", so I have come to a conclusion as to what I personally and gonna do about the words.

From 12:00am til 11:59am I am gonna use the word Horrible in Sentences and from 12:00pm til 11 :59 pm I will be using the word Terrible.

Using it 12 hours a piece and in alphabetical order seems to give the word its proper place in order.

John Taylor, Pasadena, TX 77506
Horrible and terrible are definitely different. If something is horrible it inspires horror. Horror can be something gross that doesn't scare you. Terrible comes from terror, which has to frighten you, by definition. So, I would never say a food is terrible... unless the sight of it makes my hair stand up, but a food could be horrible.

Jay B.
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I would have to disagree with this previous post. It is quite common to say "This food is terrible" here in Canada and it means that the food is just bad, not that I am frightened by it.