Hello,in American culture I see a lot of insults toward Jews,what I can't figure out is why some Americans despise Jews and it seems they look down on them,I'd be glad if could tell me why or maybe show me an article or anything like that,thank you.


There are many articles available online which discuss the origins and history of anti-Semitism (the formal name for hatred of Jews).

It's a long history and a complex topic.

Choose one or more articles from the list here to get started.




That's not a specifically American thing. Despising jews or other minorities happens around the world.

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This is not the sort of forum where you can make posts that are nothing but veiled disparaging comments. This place is dedicated to helping people learn English. That's it.

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I know, the reason I'm asking it here is because I think maybe if someone native sees my post, they can give me a shorter and more exact explanation than some articles out there, don't you think it's better if you ask these sophisticated matters from someone who's grown up in them? And I don't have any intention of disrespecting anyone in any way, I just have some kind of obsession about learning things absolutely accurate.

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Venom SnakeI know,

OK, then. This forum is for learning English. If you want to dissect US culture, I'm sure you can find a forum that will help with that. Run your posts by the experts here for correctness before you post there, and ask about any language that throws you.

For what it's worth, about the only time I think about Jews is when I have a taste for Philadelphia cream cheese and lox on a New York bagel or their fabulous apple cake, sweet and wet and heavy and bursting with apple slices. There's Gal Gadot, too.