What's the difference between house and home?

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Not all homes are houses. Some people live in flats/apartments, bungalows, caravans, tents etc etc...
A house is a physical structure. It is a free-standing structure on a particular piece of property.

Your home is the place where you live (house, apartment, condominium, etc.) -- the place that serves as a base location in your life -- where you sleep, for example. It's your home even if it's not a house.

Since home sounds more elegant and warmly emotional than house, when real estate agents advertise houses, they call them homes. So in the context of real estate sales the word home usually means house. The same happens in publications (e.g., Better Homes and Gardens magazine) where it is desired to make the idea of a house sound more classy, and to bring in the emotional feelings which encourage the purchase of the publication. The use of home instead of house in these cases also allows the inclusion of homes which are not houses.

To exaggerate the difference, you can say that people may live in dilapidated old houses or in beautiful new homes. Emotion: smile

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IMO, the difference has much to do with affection... Emotional feelings are centered in a home, while house is merely a dwelling place.

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